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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pretty Planner Pens with Binder Pouch!

Hello Planner Friends!

IF you are like me, and I am sure YOU ARE, you can NEVER have enough pens!  Well I myself am ALWAYS finding myself in the pen aisle at ANY store and I JUST LOVE when school starts every year because I LOVE the enormous amount of school supplies out there up for grabs!

I found these "Cutsie-Tootsie", yes that is MY NEW WORD now, GEL PENS!  I absolutely fell in love with them not only because they are simply adorable and come in an AMAZINGLY STURDY plastic case, but also because they WRITE WONDERFULLY!  They do NOT bleed through ANY of the nice paper I myself have been using in my planners or my midori insert papers!  I LOVE THAT!

They come in 10 beautiful colors encased in a "Pretty" barrel and you are also going to recieve a FREE, yes I said FREE binder pen pouch in pink, green or teal (my choice as colors are limited), to wrap around your planners/binders/journals for a couple of extra pens or pencils you want to store as well!

Here is the VIDEO SHOWING these cuties!


Now here is the deal.  I currently have only 6 SETS of these on hand RIGHT NOW, but I have another big order on the way!  Since I know they will be so popular and you will NEED them as well as want them as I do, I am allowing a PRE-ORDER here as well!

Just click the paypal button right here to get yours!  If you are ONE of the FIRST 6 to purchase you will get an email notification that your order has been shipped right away!  If not, no worries as more of  these "Cutsie-Tootsies" are on their way to me and I should have them shortly!

Grab them here!

Pretty Planner Pens With Binder Pouch
$21.99 Ships Free

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  1. Hi I saw your YouTube video with the happy planner setup. I love the little potable LG printer, thanks for sharing! One tip for smaller photos: it you use an app like "live collage" you can put two photos together, and save it to your camera roll. Then when you print from the printer app, that collage photo will have two (or even more) smaller photos! This is what I do with my regular printer on 4x6 photo paper. (: Again, thanks for sharing your crafts and ideas!