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I offer some products, kits and projects on my blog. I ONLY accept PAYPAL as a form of payment. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, or EXCHANGES can be made due to the nature of the products I sell.

At this time I am shipping to USA only as I simply do not have the time to take all purchases outside of the US to the post office for declarations, etc. I am sorry!



I will be doing 2 scopes a month with some fun projects for planner lovers, journalers, listers, Die Cutters and anyone who loves paper crafting in general!

:) Thank You!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coloring A Beautiful Doll (Ady Almanza's Coloring Book)


Hello Everyone!

Tonight's class will feature Ady Almanza's Brand New Dollie Coloring Book!  What an amazing book filled with beauties for you to color and use on your projects!  And what a deal it is too!  35 images for $25.00 !  That is like $.71 per image and you keep the images forever as it arrives to you via your email!  You can copy the pages and print them over and over again!  Resize them, insert them into your scrapbook layouts, 3D many things!

Here is the link again to buy the coloring book:

This is just ISSUE #1, I am sure there will be more issues to follow!

Here is a peek at the journal I already made:

I will be making a smaller version of this in class this evening on Ustream!  (Using different colors of course!)

And here are a few of the products I used on this beautiful journal cover in case you would like to purchase them!!!!

Here are the Pens I showed at my class!  They are

available in these amazing packs of 4 BRILLANT  Colors

 that are AMAZINGLY BLENDABLE!  You can make thin or 

thick lines based on how you hold your brush!

Pick your set of 4 for $14.99 each Ships FREE!

Reds                                                Yellows


 Greens                                          Blues

Pitt Pen Color Options

Derwent Ink Tense Pencils are as versatile as
watercolor pencils, but have a firmer texture that allows them to perform with a brillant intense "INKTENSE" look.  The colors are strong and vibrant and work beautifully on their own or can be mixed together to create different tones.  You can use them dry or wet.  (Once dry the color is permanent.

12 Pack  $ 35.99   Ships Free!

Pencils are also available in 24 and 36 count for more color choices!  (Please leave a comment if you are interested in pricing for those!)

Pigmented INDIA INK!  Acid Free, smudge proof and waterproof when DRY.  But when you add water too it you can SMUDGE and BLEND it for beautiful color and variated ink color!  Easily controlled like a marker!  Store Horizontally.
$7.99 per pen  Ships Free!

Easy Fill Barrel with a leak proof cap.  Water level 

and soft bristle!  Works great with Watercolor

Pencils, Gelatos, Oil Pastels, Art Blocks, anything 

that requires blending!   $9.99  ships FREE

 9 X 12 Pad of Watercolor Paper.  This 

pad has 90 lb. rough surface area 

perfect for water-based media.

25 sheets in the pad.  $7.99 Ships Free

  Amazing Te6 X 6 Templates perfect for
Mixed Media projects!  Made of
plastic for easy cleaning. Perfect
for Chalks, Markers, Paints and more.

$6.99 each... 

6 X 6 Templates

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My First Dollie!

Hi Everyone!                                              12-23-12

Tonight I colored my first dollie using  one of Ady Almanza's BEAUTIFUL BIG EYED DOLLS!  Remember you can get Ady's Coloring book of 35 amazing Dollies here:

This image is just one of the AMAZING dolls you will find in this coloring book!  I will be doing several art journal pages using Ady's dolls from this coloring book and I encourage you to purchase your own E Book at the above link!  Please let Ady know that I sent you when you purchase your Doll Dreams Coloring Book!

I used Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils on this Doll along with a Black Sharpie Paint Pen and this is what I got:

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!  Fun and easy to do!  (I will be showing you how to do this at this Thursdays class!)

Just wanted to share her quickly...I will be putting her on another page and adding some journaling along with an easy background as well!

Join me Thursday, Dec. 27th for some fun with coloring these BEAUTIFUL Dollies of Ady's!

:)  Christine

Friday, December 21, 2012

Art Journaling Class for Ady's Doll Coloring Book Supply List #1

Hello Everyone!                                                                           Dec. 21, 2012.

I hope you have had a chance to view my You Tube Video in regards to the new Art Journaling Classes I will be doing once a month using Ady Almanza's BEAUTIFUL  E-BOOK, Coloring Book Issue #1.  If not here is the link:

Ady is a very talented artist who designs all of her own BEAUTIFUL "BIG EYED DOLLS".  Because she knows that the rest of us LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her dolls and not all of us can draw as wonderfully as she can, she has designed an E-Book, a coloring book that you can download with 35, yes I said 35, GORGEOUS Dolls that you can purchase and then download to your computer and color over and over again!  (I will be using her BEAUTIFUL Dolls in an Art Journal that I will be teaching once a month!  There are MANY uses for these dolls once you have colored them!  You can use them in your own Art Journal, Handmade Cards, Altered Notebooks, Scrapbooking Layouts, and they are perfect to share with the young aspiring artist in your family as wel just to color!

The coloring book can be purchased here:

The book can be purchased for a real bargain right now for $25.00!  That is approximately 
$ .71 per image!  You can not purchase any images of this quality anywhere else, trust me I have looked!  Ady's images are GORGEOUS and she even shows you several of them on her site that she has colored as well!

If you do purchase Ady's coloring book, and I STRONGLY urge you to do so if you LOVE to color like I do, please let her know in the comment section that I sent you!

Now, IF you need some supplies, I am going to offer the following marker sets to you. I am offering the Copic Markers for $ 15.99 for a set of three!  Awesome Price! (Copic marker prices are going up in January so I will have to adjust my price as well, so be sure and get what you like now!  These are the combinations that I will be using, (Now there are hundreds of combinations you can use, these are just my suggestions and some of what Ady has shared with me that she uses herself).

The first image I will be working with is a large image of a BEAUTIFUL DOLL, just her face, hair and upper body needs to be colored.  

Some of the things I will be using in my class that you can purchase:

Specialty Pen Set:

Uni-Ball Impact Gel Pen Bold Point  and Copic Multiliner SP Black Ink Pen $15.99


The White Gel Pen is our Highlighting Pen and The Copic Multi Liner is for TRACING our patterns onto the paper and for finishing effects!

Watercolor Kit #1:

12 Inktense Derwent Pencils, 25 pieces of Watercolor Paper, Water Brush

All for $49.99 including Shipping!

Gel Sticks Kit:
1 6 Pack of BEAUTIFUL Metallic Colored Gel Sticks and
1 12 Pack of Regular Gel Sticks with paint Brush Included!  Gel
 Sticks are unbelievably smooth and glide onto paper. They are water soluble and can have 

a watercolor effect when water is applied.

Both Boxes for a total of 18 Gel Sticks $ 21.99


Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pens 12/Pkg

$35.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

Paper Crafter Crayons (8 Packs)  $10.99 Each Pack of 8 Colors:


Copic Marker Sets.  All sets of 3 Markers are $ 20.99 with Priority  shipping and delivery confirmation  is included!

1.  Copic Marker Skin Tone Set #1 (Set  of 3 Markers) :  

E00, E11, R20

2.  Copic Marker Brunette Hair Set # 1  (Set of 3 Markers) :

E13, E15, E17

3.  Copic Marker Brown Eyes and Lip Combo Set # 1  (Set of 3 Markers) :

Y26, E49, R22

Additionally you can purchase a pack of XPress Blendable Copic Paper (25 sheets)  along with a Copic Multi Liner and a White Signo Uniball Pen (used for highlighting)  at a 10% discount here on my blog  for $26.99! And I am shipping this pack FREE with a purchase of any marker set shown above!

I hope you will join me in creating an Art Journal and other projects using Ady's Beautiful Images from her Coloring Book!  It is sure to be a lot of fun!

Keep Coloring!

:)  Christine

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Altered Findings Swap Update

For all of you WONDERFUL ladies that joined the Altered Items swap....I am missing 2 boxes still! I will touch base with those two people and see what is going on with them and get bak to you all. I have not opened any boxes because I wanted to wait until I had them all so that I do not have all of this laying around on my table for DAYSSSS! LOL! I am so excited to open them up though! Please be patient, goodies are coming and I am sure they will be worth the wait!

I will keep you updated!!

In the meantime here is another canvas I made using my items!  It is of course Mermaid themed!  I still love my Angel Canvas more!  The painting is the hard part for me but I will NOT give up!  Practice, Practice, Practice!

:) Christine

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Altered Findings Swap!

Hi Everyone!

We decided to do a swap with things we can use on our canvases;boxes;frames,etc.!

Our Goal is to collect things for a project like my canvas:

Here is the list of participants!   17 Total Creative People this time around!!

Dee Dee

Now as far as how much to send?  I just ask that you be as generous as you can be, totally up to you.  Everyone is doing different things so you send what you can.  Please have everything to me by the 12th!  Let me know when you are ready for my address and I will PM it or email it to you if you do  not already have it!  Please remember to put your items in a plastic bag with each persons name clearly marked on the outside of the bag!  Dont forget to send the $5.35 for return postage as well please!

Thanks so much for signing up everyone! 

I am getting some questions in regards to the swap!

I am sorry I made this confusing and hope to clarify what we are doing here!

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

When you sign up for a category you will be sending in enough items for EVERY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE SWAP!  So EVERYONE will be receiving pretty much the same things, and will get things from ALL categories!    The idea was to get back a bag or box FULL of a mixture of items for this project!  I don't think I was clear about that.

So if you sign up for wooden embellishments and there are 2 other people in that category that DOES NOT mean you are sending enough  only for those 2 people.  YOU NEED TO SEND IN ENOUGH ITEMS FOR ALL PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE SWAP!

We will chat about this again on Thursday at my UStream show!

Sign Ups for this swap will close tonight, December 3rd at 7:00 Central!

Please let me know if you have changed your mind in regards to joining the swap or the category you chose!

Let's get swapping!  Below are the groups of things listed.  I have also included a MISC. group in case you don't see a category for what you want to send!

Here is what you do:

1.  Pick what categories you would like to send stuff in for

2.  Prepare a bag of items you signed up for, for EACH PERSON in our swap.  (EVERYONE will be
     receiving a bag from each person in the swap!  If 12 people sign up you will get 12 bags, one from EVERY CATEGORY)

3.  Please help me out by labeling each persons name on your bag of goodies!  (After I close the swap, I will list each persons name to make this easier for you and so you can see how many people you need to send things in for.

4.  Place your address inside the box where you want to receive your return items.

5.  Include $ 5.35 (priority mail return postage for your goodies back to you!)  If you would like to paypal me the money, please contact me first.  You can make your own label if you would like as well, just please make sure it is for a small priority mail box!

If you have ANY questions just ask!

Pick as many categories as you like and lets get swapping!!! Post what categories you would like to be added to and I will get you added!!!!

You will need to get the following items for your project:

1.  Canvas, box, frame (whatever you want to embellish)
2.  Cheesecloth
3.  Gesso
4.  Mod Podge
5.  Paints (Acrylic Paints, Chalks, Ink Pads, Glimmer Mists) Your choice of Colors
6.  Hot Glue Gun and Glue
7.  A Sealer (We will talk about this!)

8.  A VARIETY OF EMBELLISHMENTS!  Thats where our swap comes in!

OPTIONAL ITEMS:  (For Texture)

1.  Mesh Wire
2.  Modeling Paste (Golden or Liquitex)
3.  Blended Fibers Texture Gel (Liquitex)
4.  Book Pages
5.  Tissue Paper

1. Lucinda
2. Susan Follansbee

1.  Mitzi Curry
2.  Darcie Glam
3.  Kristen Koenig

1.  Johnna

1.  Cheryl

1.  Kristen Koenig


1. Kristen Koenig
2. Susan Follansbee

1. Christine Sawvell
2.  Susan Follansbee
3.  Dee Dee

1. Christine Sawvell
2. Shannon Hayes   (Squares and Buttons)

CHIPBOARD DIE CUTS: (Suggestions: Clocks, Gears,Frames,Flowers,Labels,Banners...)
1. Lucinda
2. Gerriann Armstrong
3. Jimmie Bright
4. Dee Dee  (Letters)

1.  Gerriann Armstrong
2.  Barb Duhamell

1.  Brenda Whitehead
2.  Jimmie Bright

1.  Keys                                     DEE DEE
2.  Nuts & Washers                   Sharon Levine
3.  Nuts, Bolts, Washers            Eileen
4.  Jewelery Pieces                     Kristen Koenig
5.  SURPRISE                          Johnna
6.  SURPRISE                          Boni

Let's say all items need to be to me by Dec. 12th so I can get them out to you that same week as well so you can begin working if you choose to!  By then I will have had 2 classes showing you how to START and if you choose to begin your projects you will have your fun goodies in time to place them on your own projects if you work along with me!!!!  This is going to be so fun ladies!

LOOK FOR GOODIES!!!  So excited to do this with you all!

:) Christine

Hot Chocolate Push-Ups!

In tonight's UStream Class we are making these cute Push-Ups! Filled with enough goodies for a great cup of Hot Chocolate, chocolate covered spoon and all!

   $17.99 for a Kit of 5 Push Pops and decorations for the outside of the Push Pop. (Includes everything but the inside contents)

You get the Push-Up Containers, Gold Spoons, Green Bows, Plastic Bag to wrap the Chocolate Covered Spoon and everything to make the snowman as I did pictured here.
Here is a side view of the Push-Up!  There is Hot Chocolate, Andes Mints, Mini Marshmallows and a Mint Hershey Kiss
inside this adorable container! (You can fill the container as you wish!)

This would make an awesome Stocking Stuffer or gift all on it's own!

You can order as many kits as you would like, once I have a certain amount of the Push-Up containers and once they are gone the kits will be sold out!

Keep Creating Everyone!

:)  Christine

Monday, November 19, 2012

Silhouette Cameo Available!

If you have been wanting a Silhouette Cameo Electronic Die Cutting Machine, NOW is the time to purchase it!

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12" wide and 10 feet long. Package includes the cutting machine, Silhouette Studio software for Window XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher. It also includes 51 exclusive cuttable designs, power cable, USB cable , 12" cutting mat, cutting blade, a $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online store and a basic instruction guide.

What an AMAZING MACHINE!  And it is VERY easy to 

operate as well!  There are hundreds of You Tube Videos to

help you along if you have questions, but it is truly the 

EASIEST MACHINE I myself have ever used!    

Your SVG Files are stored right on your computer so there

are NO CARTRIDGES with this machine!   You buy the

images you want!

Here is what you get:

The Silhouette Cameo Machine with USB Cord

The Software You Need For Your Computer

51 Cuttable Designs Pre-Loaded Onto the Machine

Power Cable and USB Cable

12" Cutting Mat

Cutting Blade

Basic Instruction Guide

a $10.00 Gift Card to the Silhouette Store (Which is where

      you purchase your SVG Files)

FREE shipping directly to you

15% off all FUTURE MATS and BLADES that you may need
    for your machine!


$ 279.99 ! 

I WILL NOT HOLD YOUR MONEY!  The machine is in stock right now and ships as soon as I receive your payment and will come to you via UPS!

Get that special someone, even YOURSELF this AMAZING Machine for  years and years of DIE CUTTING!!!!  YOU WILL LOVE IT!

:) Christine